Prague has a typical European continental climate. Temperatures in March average around 14C / 57F with highs around 17C / 63F and lows around 5C / 41F.

Though there may be an occasional rain shower, March is usually a pretty dry month.


The Czech crown (Kc) is the national currency. Bank notes range from 100 to 5,000 Kc, coins from 1 to 50 Kc.

1 Euro = +/- 25 Czech Crowns

Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept major credit cards in Euro.

There are numerous bureaux de change in Prague - in the city centre, as well as at Prague's airport and major train and bus stations. After comparing the exchange rates on offer and finding the best deal, do not forget to ask about commission. A good tip is to ask how many Czech korunas you will receive in total after all charges have been deducted. Exchanging money in banks is also advisable.


Electricity in the Czech Republic is 220 volts, 50 Hz AC. Plug sockets are round with two round-pin sockets. If you are coming from the UK, Ireland or from overseas, you will need a plug converter.


Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. Participants are recommended to take out adequate personal insurance to cover travel, accommodation, cancellation and also theft and loss of personal belongings.


The official language of the Congress is English.

Even though you do not speak Czech yet, everyone is pleased when they hear a foreigner trying to communicate in the language of the country they are visiting. Be in a restaurant, on the street, in a shop or anywhere else, basic conversational phrases like „Děkuji” (Thank you!) and „Dobrý den” (Hello! Good day!), “Jak se máte?” (How are you?) will definitely come in handy.


Prague is a very safe city both to visit and in which to reside. The recent Global Peace Index (GPI), ranked the country the 10th most peaceful destination in the world. Nevertheless, petty crime does exist, and travellers should be on guard against pickpockets – especially on public transit and in crowded streets.

Also, Prague taxi drivers are notorious for taking tourists for a ride – in more ways than one. Before setting off, you’d do well to check the fare, or – you simply phone a radio-operated taxi company (The AAA company number: 233 11 33 11).


The standard VAT rate in the Czech Republic is 21% since 1 January 2013. There are two VAT rates in the Czech Republic. A reduced rate of 15% on foodstuffs, livestock, water and domestic fuel, books and newspapers; construction; cultural and sports events; household services.




It is usual to leave a tip, especially in restaurants. If you are satisfied with the service, feel free to leave a tip. If you decide to tip, the amount is usually 10% of the bill.

Official Agency for AIFA Authorization

Atlante Viaggi Italia Srl has been appointed official agency for AIFA submission to support sponsors and exhibitors with these formalities. Pharmaceutical companies which require the authorisation from AIFA are advised to contact:

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11th Scientific Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association - March 26-29, 2022 - Prague, Czech Republic, Europe