Invited Speakers

State-of-the-Art Speakers

Patient Reported Outcome Measures: Listening to the patient

Prof. Allison Tong, Australia

Principal Research Fellow, Sydney School of Public Health
Co-Director Centre for Kidney Research, The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Analytics and Augmented Intelligence in Transplant

Prof. Alexandre Loupy, France

Epidemiology Research Team Leader, National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)
Professor of Nephrology, Kidney Transplant Department, Necker Hospital
Founder of the Paris Transplant Group
Pandemic and Transplantation: Lessons learned from COVID-19

Dr. Emily A. Blumberg, United States

Director, Transplant Infectious Diseases, Professor of Medicine, and Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania;
Program Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania
CRISPR and Transplantation

Prof. Valeria R. Mas, United States

Division Head, Division of Surgical Sciences - Department of Surgery
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Organ bioengineering- lessons from the intestine

David J. Hackam, United States

Pediatric Surgeon-in-Chief
Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Diversity, Inequity and Inclusivity in the Practice of Pediatric Transplantation in the US

Marva Moxey-Mims, United States

Chief, Division of Nephrology
Children’s National Hospital, Washington, DC

Plenary Speakers

Organ Allocation Around the World: How do we prioritize children?

Utility vs. equity in organ allocation

Lainie F. Ross, United States

Perspective from Spain

Alicia Pérez Blanco, Spain

Perspective from South America

Joao Seda Neto, Brazil

Perspective from Oceania

Helen M. Evans, New Zealand

Perspective from North America

Evelyn Hsu, United States

Advancing Tolerance in the Clinic


David M. Briscoe, United States


Stephen Alexander, Australia

One study positives and negatives - Are we ready for tolerance

Edward K. Geissler, Germany

Objectives of the two study

Fadi Issa, United Kingdom


Joseph R. Leventhal, United States

Keeping the Graft for the Near Term: Perioperative challenges

Cardiopulmonary challenges in heart and lung transplantation

Brian Feingold, United States

Near miss events and failure to rescue: New tools for measuring outcomes in pediatric transplantation

Raymond Reding, Belgium

Pain control in transplanted children (include spinal anesthesia and blocks)

Nuria Montferrer Estruch, Spain

Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in SOT

Jacques Pirenne, Belgium

Keeping the Graft for the Long Term

New perspectives in ABMR

Anat R. Tambur, United States

Results from pediatric heart CTOT trials

Adriana Zeevi, United States

Kidney transplantation in under-resourced area

Arpana A. Iyengar, India

Microbiome and host immune regulation

Steve Chadban, Australia

Biomarkers to Improve Care Delivery

Genetics of transplant outcomes

Peter J. Conlon, Ireland

Non-invasive monitoring to predict outcome in transplant recipients

Peter S. Heeger, United States

Where are we with biomarkers in pediatric recipients?

Tom Blydt-Hansen, Canada

Donor derived cell free DNA

Stephen D. Marks, United Kingdom

Innovation and Quality Improvement in Transplantation

Can we afford QI in transplant - Administrator perspective

Cassandra Smith-Fields, United States

Value of outcomes improvements through learning healthcare systems KIDNEY

David K. Hooper, United States

Value of outcomes improvements through learning healthcare systems LIVER

George V. Mazariegos, United States

Viral Infections: Consensus, prevention and treatment

EBV/PTLD IPTA consensus conference: Where are we now?

Upton D. Allen, Canada

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Update on LIVE viral vaccines after transplantation

Klara Posfay-Barbe, Switzerland

Beyond antivirals: Adoptive T cells for viral infection after transplantation

Michael S. Grimley, United States

11th Scientific Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association - March 26-29, 2022 - Prague, Czech Republic, Europe